Monday, 17 October 2011

Living life, living now.

If today is my last day on this earthly world, I would like to take an interest on myself and not create events and be depended on others to show interest in me. I would not be depended on the external stimulus from a sms reply, a facebook posting response or an email invitation. I would pay attention to every single thing I do to receive calmness into my frequently multi-tasking mind. I would want to enjoy the details of the scenery along my way to work, smell the morning freshness with every single breadth I take, enjoy the fragrance of every single sip of tea I drink, listen to the wonderful music perform by the insects while having my morning taiji practice and feel the texture of everything I touch.

If I only have 24 hours to live, I would want to squeeze in as many seconds of happiness I can gathered and not be bothered by the unhappy moments in life. For every second of recalling and getting affected by the unhappy moments and events, I had a second less in my remaining 24 hours to enjoy and recall happiness. I would forgive people who did not honor their words, people who hurt me and people who use me. I would not be bothered by noises in life, the sarcastic remarks, the gossip and the rumors about me. I would live life the way I wanted and not the way others wanted.

If I am living my last day today, I would like to be remembered as the person that bring happiness to others. I will show kindness not only to my loved ones, but to everybody around me. I will bless every single person that needs to move on to pursue their goals in life. I would let go of my memory of those that had left me so as to focus my energy on those that are still alive. I would share whatever limited knowledge I has acquired during my life so that it can hopefully benefit others and make them happier.

If I live each day as if it was my last like what Steve Jobs had always said, I would have found the key to happiness through living and enjoying in my present life. Reminding myself that I will be dead helps me in making major decision in life. Everything, everything including expectation, pride, embarrassment and failure disappear with me after my death. If I am going die all those is going to be gone, why then should I be affected by their presence. There are no more excuses not to follow my heart.

While I would try to live each day as if it was my last, there are days when I reflected and discovered that I had not being successful. I must admit that there are events happened that I simply can't let go. I am after all, still a human being living in this earthly world. 

So is today my last day? 


Well, maybe, it may be, because we are not the controller of our life. Cause life in itself is a change agent and the world need new, energetic and vibrant people to continue the work left by others. And accident can happen to anybody, anytime.

But no, not for me now as unless accident do happen, life had been kind to me and there is no indicators that my health is going to be worst.

Good news or bad news? I am not bothered cause I live my own life.