Saturday, 16 August 2014

Shouldering the responsibility of parents.

The train along Circle Line reached Caldecott, its door opened and a young Chinese couple walked into the cabin. The lady was seen holding very tightly to the arm of the trendy, well dressed gentleman. Soothing his hand, the lady doesn't talk along the journey, neither did the gentleman.

At Bishan Station, a motorized wheelchair's siren started buzzing when it reversed itself into the cabin. Everybody in the cabin was shocked, not by the wheelchair's buzzing, but the high pitch and continuous screaming from the gentleman. The lady was visibly troubled by the behaviour of the gentleman. She keeps soothing his hands, telling him:

"Mei mei (sister) is here with you, it's ok kor (brother). It's just the sound from the wheelchair."

It is then that I realised the gentleman may either be suffering from autism or some form of mental health illness. He is blessed to have a responsible and caring younger sister that take good care of him. He is so well taken care of and well dressed that if not for his screaming, nobody will notice he has a disability or illness.

At the same time, I feel for the young lady. For her entire life, she will have to make sacrifices for her elder brother. She will have very little time for herself. She may not get a life partner as not all spouse and in-laws are so accommodative towards her brother's behaviours. And she will continue to be starred at by the public whenever she is out with her brother.

Hope she is strong and have good support.