Sunday, 1 December 2013

22 Nov 2013, our first family dinner.

"Daddy, this is our first dinner together at home. You know?"

I didn’t expect that. All along, I thought I tried my best to be with 小tz, whenever possible.
We have our outings, fun and meals together when I was on leave or during weekends when I was not working. I brought her to library, lunch, Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, and many many more places either just the 2 of us, or together with yt.

But then… …

As hard as I tried to recall, 小tz is correct. That night, 22nd November 2013, is the first night that we (小tz, yt and I) had dinner together at home just like everybody else does. Is it usual for other families to not to have dinner together at home? I am not sure. But for us, it’s our first night.
I finished work at 7:13pm that night after visiting a client at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. yt asked if I want to come back for dinner since our little princess was still sleeping, recovering from her fantastic, and wonderful, non-stop buffet biscuit/Milo eating campfire starting from the day before. Although the travelling will at least take me 1.5 hours, I thought I might still be in time to reach home before the sleeping beauty wake up.

Well… wrong.

小tz woke up and started eating at 8pm when I am still stuck in the train. yt asked if she wanted to eat her dinner first, she said no and insisted to just eat a little so that she can eat together with me when I come home later.

Later was 9pm when I set foot at home. The table was already set and小tz was folding the serviette nicely into a sail boat for yt and herself. Mine was a lump of don’t know what she said. Always bully her daddy. Sigh~

I felt bad having my 6 years old daughter telling me that for the past 6 years, I never once came home to have dinner with her after work.

That’s sad.

Told yt that I will attempt to be back at least once a week after work to have dinner with her and 小tz . It’s not going to be easy with the nature of my work and the travelling distance. But, how can I disappoint my sweet princess further.

Hey, the next time if you see me rushing to go home, please understand that I have a date with my 2 darlings at home.