Saturday, 2 February 2013

Aiya, you very troublesome leh...

Saw an old lady went up the bus carrying a small boy about the age of 5 or more. She was visibly struggling to walked up the steps. When she reached the first seat reserved for elderly and the handicapped, the boy protested and demanded to sit at the back of the bus. That means that the old lady need to struggle to walk a few more steps and climb up a few steps, carrying the boy.

She turned, smiling and said to the boy: "You very troublesome leh." in Hokkien (a dialect) then proceeded to the back of the bus with her shaky legs.

Never mind about the boy who is able and should be walking on his own. Never mind about how unkind the boy is towards the old lady. Never mind about how the boy should be taught and suffer consequences for such behaviour. We know that and those ought to be done.

We know too about the great love from the old lady towards the boy.

Sometimes a little too great that they forgotten that the younger ones needs to learn and to be independent.

Part of the dialogue of a movie I saw goes something like that. An old lady told the police: "Even if I know where my daughter are, do you think I will send her to you, the police for her suspected offences?"

Should we?