Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Differences with no different.

I was attracted to young lady wearing a tube top, jeans, sports shoes, Samsung Galaxy Gear and holding Note 3. And the old man wearing pyjamas, slippers and holding an old fashion Nokia candy bar keypad mobile phone, seating on his wheelchair pushed by the young lady. Heads turn, including mine, when they appeared. Well... Yes, I was attracted by the pretty young lady. But what really caught my attention was the interesting contrast between her and the old man.

Young versus old,
Trendy versus old fashioned, 
Mobile versus wheelchair bounded,
Energetic versus weak, and
Modern versus traditional.

I heard the young lady was struggling to communicate with the old man with her English accented Hokkien (a dialect). Likewise, the old man was also attempting to communicate to the young lady with his broken, half-past six English.

How on earth can these 2 person be together, harmoniously?!

Every time when I saw such a combination, it was either the old nagging at the young, or the young grumbling about the old being old fashioned.

They must be Social Worker because Social Worker were trained to be non judgemental. Wait, or are they Counsellors because they respect each other's choices, preferences and rights? Anyway, I like their approach and the way the treat each others.

That's the way to live life, isn't it?