Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Unfortunately, I said...

Talking to my colleague yesterday, he asked if I am getting fat recently. Instinctively, I told him:
"Unfortunately, yes…"

Thereafter, we laugh it off and then he looks at me again and asked:

Again, instinctively, I repeated:
"Yes, unfortunately."

Towards the end of my day, this conversation keeps coming back to me, "unfortunately". Why is it and why must it be unfortunately when I have the control over my diet and the amount of exercises I wanted. Is not that I am on some kind of medication that causes my weight to balloon. So, why is it "unfortunately"?

I recalled a conversation with a friend year's back when he said:
"Unfortunately, they gave me extra work loads before I took up the offer!"

Why unfortunately when it is not that he was thrown with the added responsibilities when he was already in the job when it is kind of difficult to reject, in today's world. He went for a job interview, he was given opportunities to ask questions on many occasions. The set-up, size, responsibilities, etc, etc, etc. Either he did not ask any of those questions or choose not to process it before accepting the offer. Anyway, heard he did not do well, or rather, choose not to do because he wasn't happy that he got a bigger work load than expected. Not even those portions that he could have managed.

Coming back to my "unfortunately", I regretted saying the word unfortunately. It is so irresponsible.  I am just going to fight obesity and so, I re-installed the Android Application that helps me previously – "Noom Coach" to track my diet and amount of exercise I put in from now.