Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Daddy and 小tz on the bus to Cathay.

One Sunday morning, daddy and I went to Cathay for my dance class.

I like dancing.

After I change to my jazz shoes, my father helped me to tie my shoes laces. Thereafter he went to the toilet to shit and came to pick me up after he was done.

We went to the changing room to change my leotard to shirt and pants. I wore pants with the leotard during my dance class.

I like tap dancing the most because of the tapping sound. I like the songs that I will be dancing for my tap and jazz examinations.

~ The end. ~

Note from Crazy Daddy:

Another guest post by 小tz.

Aiyo... writing about me going to toilet to shit!!! What's next?!?!

On top of this, she have been practicing hard for her examinations. Well... previously was just one song repeating till performance time, now we have 2 songs 13 sequences that she keep insisting we to go through with her. Mamamee ah!