Sunday, 6 October 2013

Rights and responsibilities.

Having our early lunch at Kopitiam food court after 小tz dance class, I saw the gentleman on a wheelchair. Alone, I saw him order his coffee then detour to the snacks counter to collect the "tim sum" he ordered earlier. Thereafter, he moved to a table for 2 person, shifted a chair and tucked it nicely under the table adjacent to him.

I predicted every single moves of his as I seen him last week while 小tz and I were having our lunch.

"He will shift the chair back to its original position before he leave the food court." I confidently told myself while watching 小tz enjoying her "yong tao fu". 

Bingo! He did not disappoint me and did that. Hee...

Later, after we finished our lunch and left our table, I remembered and pulled 小tz back to our table. 小tz looks a little puzzled and asked why are we going back. I told 小tz what the gentleman on the wheelchair did.

All of us have our rights. The gentleman on the wheelchair have his right to have a proper table to enjoy his lunch. We have our rights to pull an additionally chair from the unoccupied table next to us to put our bags. However, we should also be mindful that with rights, comes our responsibilities to ensure we do not inconvenient others. Just like the gentleman who shifted the chair back to its original position after his lunch, We too should return the chair after we finished our lunch.

After we returned the chair and on our way to the library... ...

Me: "Oops!"
小tz: "What is it daddy?"
Me: "I forget to take a photograph so that I can write on my blog."
小tz: "Go then, daddy. I want to read it!"

What I like about the gentleman on the wheelchair is his attitude towards life and how he balanced his rights against his responsibilities. The responsibilities to ensure that (1) he do not use his disability to gain sympathy and gain unfair advantage or be unreasonable, and (2) he maintain a good image for persons with disability and helps others to be more willing to accept person with disability. 

Hope 小tz will grow up with a good character and attitude towards life.