Sunday, 20 October 2013

We can recycle materials but not life. Think, treasure and enjoy it now.

Another weekend with 小tz, learning and recycling unwanted papers into a book cover at the library.

On our way to the library, we have this short conversation. 

小tz: "Daddy, do you like your work?"

Me: "Yes darling."

小tz: "But daddy, you didn't earn lots of money right?"

Me: "Yes darling, daddy's work doesn't pay well."

小tz: "Then why are you still working there?"

Me: "I like my work and it is a promise that I need to fulfill."

小tz: "Next time when I grow up, I want to work and earn a lot of money."

Me: "It is ok to find a job that allow you to earn lots of money. But, you must be happy. Some people earns lots of money but they are never happy. They gets angry easily, always scold people and ended up nobody likes them."

小tz: "Daddy, I want to earn lots of money but I will not be like those people you said."

That was the best I can relate to 小tz for now. Therefore, I decided to write it here so that she may be able to read it later in her life.

Life is not just about money. While it would be great to have lots of money or be born into a wealthy family with lots of money. While it would almost be impossible to survive in this world without money. Money, is still not everything in life. 

Money cannot buy happiness and life experiences. Why do we want money when we will not have the opportunity to spend, as we will be busy earning them? Why do we want money when we will have no time for our family and friends, the people that will bring us happiness? Why do we want money when we will not have time to experience life, when we will regret the day we die that we did nothing? Why do we want money when it bring along stress and frustration, when we get irritated easily, throwing tantrum easily and ended up alone?

I am not against earning lots of money. However, each of us is born differently and meant to do different things in life. So, before we get fixated with just money...

Think, treasure and enjoy life, now.