Saturday, 9 February 2013

新年快乐! (Amendment)

For the past few weeks, 小tz have been trying very hard to complete this drawing. Every time when I am around, she would insist that I help her to complete this drawing.

On Thursday night, she even go against her usual routine to go through her school's work. yt and I were pretty angry at her for not revising her school's work.

Everything else changed when I saw this drawing with the wordings at the back of the drawing. She requested me to turn away and not see what she is going to write. She wrote it all by herself except for the word "too". Heard her read aloud after asking me how to spell the word "too" and I just can't stop smiling.

A great start to a great year!

新年快乐, 身体健康 小tz!


yt took a look at 小tz's writing and confirmed that I was the one that interpreted her intention wrongly. It should be "two" as earlier written by 小tz instead of "too" that I suggested.

I hereby, made changes to this post and apologize to 小tz for not understanding her original intention. :p

Putting up this amendment for 2 reasons. (1) To let 小tz know that it is alright to apologize, even in public for any wrong doing. I would rather be ashamed for the mistake I did than to feel guilty for life. (2) Not following the instruction as issued by the boss of the house - yt, might have me labelled as insubordination, you know. Haha... just kidding. (Thanks dear for pointing out my mistake.)