Thursday, 28 November 2013

小tz's Campfire.

I like to go for Nanyang Kindergarten Camp this year because there is a campfire. I like to go to the campfire because we get to sing songs and dress my friend up for the fashion walk. Ms Ang also went to the camp.

I like the barbeque dinner at the camp. We had roasted marshmallows, chicken wings, cauliflower, nuggets, broccoli, mushroom, fried rice, fish balls and fruit punch. We didn't need to do anything, we just had to eat, eat and eat!

At night, Ms Ang checked on us. I knew because at night when I woke up to drink water, I spied on her. Ms Ang was not sleeping.

For breakfast, we ate eggs, lettuce, croissant, sausages, hash browns , and drank milk.

Written by:
ThE cRaZy dAdDy

Who told him to write this story? 
ThE cRaZy 小tZ

~ ThE eNd ~