Sunday, 22 December 2013

Life is a practice, not a perfection.

Life is a practice, not a perfection.

We just love to be perfect. From wanting to be the top in everything, to finding that perfect partner, having that perfect wedding, giving enrichment classes to our young ones, planning the life of our children and making decision on their behalf. All of us wanted that perfection some times in some parts of our life, didn't we?

Are we happy in the the process of looking for that perfection?

No, we are not!

We regretted not doing better, not putting that extra effort, not trying hard enough, not insisting what we intended to do and not achieving it in perfection. We get frustrated with our own performance, if not immediately, then likely some time later in life when we compared our performance with others who is much better than us.

This happened to me last Friday when I was told to stand-in to give an opening speech for a party. 

There were tons of thoughts running through me the moment before my speech. Should I make a statement on the behalf of that person I am standing in? Will the poor AV system affect my speech? Will the audience like what I am going to talk? Will nervousness affect the quality of my speech?

In the end, I did not talk about my last blog post which I earlier planned. It is just some festive wishing and with that, we started the party. Oh man, I am so so so disappointed with my performance. 

Fortunately, I snapped back into reality very quickly. It's the team's party, not mine. So why am I so concerned with my performance in the first place, which isn't the focus of the night.

I really enjoyed the party. Look! There are FOOD, you know, food!!! If not for the earlier buffet I ate in another invited event, I would have eaten more. Oops... I meant to say I didn't eat a lot because I have exceeded my daily calories intake that day. Haha...

Then the elaborated beauty pageant, completed with the grand introductory dance, the sections including the test for the ladies' intelligence and talent. The performance in between showing the talents of the team filled with the different nationality, race and style. Everybody put in so much effort and were pretty well-dressed. I feel so under-dressed when compared. 

Thanks for the invitation and great party that night. I had my share of laughter, fun and of course the FOOD. Oh, thanks too for making me dance that night... yes, don't ever post that picture. Pleasessss..... 

In life, it is not about achieving perfection. It's the journey, the fun, the experience and the practice we received through the many opportunities given to us. Let's not be bothered by being perfect during this festive season and immerse ourselves into the fun and laughters. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Picture: Christmas art work by 小tz.