Saturday, 1 February 2014

Happy life. Simple living.

Started walking short distances again recently. Well, I wasn't successfully and still trying hard to reduce that the unwanted extra ingredient in me - fats.

Similar to previous experiences, walking always bring me lots of pleasant surprises. With the need to look at where I am going, less time is spent staring on my mobile and more on observing the surrounding around me. In the process, I was rewarded with beautiful sight, both tangible and intangible. Well, let me explain...

Encounter 1

While walking to the MRT station near my house, I saw a pretty lady walking towards me. Yes, really pretty! No make-up, simple clothing and appealing features just like my wife (an important statement, haha...).

She smile at me!

I smiled back. Basic courteous right? Haha.... 

I overclocked my 486 MHz processor up in my head, trying hard to put a name to the face. Just when I got panic for not being able to address her by name when we are at arms length, she opened her mouth and said:
"Hello, John!" to the gentleman walking behind me.

Lesson learnt. Must remember to bring along a paper bag to cover my face the very next day. In case, you know, me trying to be like smart alec again. Hahaha...

That's an example of beautiful tangible things I saw with my walk. Agreed?

Ok, ok. Please la, I don't always look at beautiful ladies. Don't frame me.  ;P

Encounter 2

A bicycle overtook me one day while I was walking. Catching up with them at the traffic junction, I saw a young Malay gentleman was riding the bicycle, his wife seated behind and his daughter seated on the handmade seats in front. I cannot help but assumed that they must be staying in a one room HDB flat nearby.

A very bias statement, I agreed. Bias with an envy nature and good intention. I cannot help as my mind was then thinking about this phrase:
"Happy life. Simple living."

The scene of the couple talking to each other was so pleasant, soothing and it just made me smile from within. The beautiful thoughts of movie scenes of people staying in village, in timber houses with plantation just outside their houses flashes in my memory.

The funny thing is why we always link happy life to simple living. The type of living where possession were kept to a minimum of what one needed, not one wanted. I suppose, when we get richer, we forget about the way of living and get so used to pampering ourselves with materialistic rewards. Our wants gets bigger and we spend more time, trying to get more money to get what we wanted. In the process, we forget what is happiness, forget to care and will not hesitate to hurt anybody that block our way.

See... I started nagging again. Haha...

Ok, you can be rich and yet happy. Try it!


You know. Ask your heart.   _/|\_