Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Beautiful Sunday!

Brought 小tz to enjoy Beautiful Sunday, an Esplanade presented concert titled “Symphonic Pop!” by Singapore Wind Symphony on 4 March 2012 at 3pm. Yeah, it’s FREE! 

Initially, 小tz was amazed and interested by the set-up and decoration in the Esplanade Concert Hall. However, after sometime, she started to get bored and ask…

tz: “Why the people are all on stage but not performing mummy?”
yt: “They are waiting for the Conductor, without him, they can’t start performing.”
tz: “Oh, why the Conductor is still not her yet mummy?”
yt: “小tz, why not you go and ask the Conductor when he arrive?”
tz: “But mummy… … …”

Fortunately, when the music started, she was seen shaking her head, swinging her body, clapping her hands or tapping her fingers. Hee… like father like daughter.

Ops… who farted in the Concert Hall? Wa!!! Smelly sia for one whole hour!