Friday, 19 July 2013

Everything. Everything, except studying.

小tz cycling progress checklist as at 14 July 2013:
- Balancing and stopping - Achieved.
- Handling turns - Achieved.
- Able start cycling on her own - Achieved. NEW!
- Handling sharp turns - Pending.

Oh, one more item on the checklist:
Daddy's energy level - d e p l e t i n g ... HELP!

Cycling is something new. However, she still loves cooking. The other day, I saw her reading a book with great interest. Looking at it closer, I discovered that it was the recipe book mummy passed her. If, if only it is her school workbook.

Her interest so far includes art, cooking, dancing, cycling, swimming and it may still be adding. Recently, she has been asking me to teach her Taiji. You know, her interest is so wide and they cover almost everything. Everything, except studying. Well,  at least she is much more active than her daddy.

I am hoping that those activities will build up her body, broaden her interest and expose her to the outside world so that she is better equipped to handle her life in future. 

Study is important, but study alone can't provide a person with a strong body, right attitude, good character, the social and leadership skills needed to face the real and demanding world out there.

Need to arrange to bring her to my workplace soon. Need her to know how fortunate she is and to cultivate the compassion in her.

"小tz! Please go through your homework!!! "