Saturday, 29 March 2014

Jump, smile, laugh and get going.

Oh... my poor blog, I am sorry for neglecting you for such a long time. You know, this crazy daddy had been pretty busy recently. It started with some unhappy events, and then spiced up with series of happy moments. Thereafter, you know, I sort of got lazy. Ok, ok, I am always lazy, I know. When I finally ready to write again, another wave of surprises strike me! Not only did a big fat rat appear just outside my door, I am also called at 3am to assist with an incident!!!

Phew~ I got nothing to do with that incident. But it is exciting, scary and yes, I now believe that the scene in drama series can be real because I experienced it. Haha…

Am I affected?

Yes, I am but I am coping well. I am just very concerned and affected by people around me. It must be pretty hard for them. Especially for my 2 baobei (宝贝 aka. loves one) at home. 

Ok, the sun is finally up. What happened during the past few weeks just makes the happy moments more precious and memorable. Jump, smile, laugh and get going. The Sun is up and I am just not going to be affected by the dark clouds. Are you? 

Going to share some of my happy moments here...

Walking on my way to a briefing venue for work related matters, I bumped into an old but healthy couple in their early 60s. In sports attire, they seem to have just completed their morning jog, sweating but not panting. What catches my attention was the sight of the old couple healthy lifestyle and show of affection towards each other. 

Ah... yes, I followed them. Well, not intentionally as I happened to be going on the same direction. No, no... I am not going to the market. I really meant the place I am heading is just after the market, where the couple is heading. Hey, come on!!!

Err... ok. In case, you know, in case you think I enjoy stalking people, I am not. I am just addicted to simple and happy people. 

Few days later, while celebrating 小tz and my birthday at a famous restaurant that serve everything from the sea, the waiter came back with a 10% discounted bill. He said he gave us the discount because we are celebrating our birthday. 小tz and yt suggested that we should bring along a cupcake and a candle next time when we visit the restaurant again. 

# Facepalm #

No, No... I am not going to mention the name of that restaurant. Not unless they pay me for the advertisement. 

Wait long long right? I know, I know. I am still waiting ma... haha.

I drew the cartoon of our family portrait while we are taking a break during 小tz’s March school holiday. One of those crazy moments I had with 小tz. Haha...

Yeah, yt still looks like a witch. She told me that many years ago when I drew our faces on the walkway along the Singapore River outside Esplanade when she was still my girlfriend. Now, I have 2 witches in my drawing. But they are sweet switches that bring happy magically moments into my life.

Well… got to start improving my skills.  ;-)

Reaching home on 5 Mar 2014, I received my birthday present. A smartwatch! Nope, it is not Omate Truesmart, it is not Apple's iWatch and definitely not Google's Gem. It’s a paper watch handmade by 小tz and it is still sitting in my tray with my wallet and mobile phone. 

Sad, crying and/or depressed, you still need to face life. Why not be happy, smile, laugh and enjoy every single moment. It either makes you stronger or happier.