Saturday, 5 April 2014

Is it fair and right? Think again, please.

Saw yet another photograph published on social media, the owner of the social media account with the person he/she is helping, befriending or supporting. The person who are dependent on the owner of the social media account, poor, less fortunate, old, weak or suffering with disabilities. 

I understand that very few of us are able to work or volunteer in the social service sector without a motive. Fulfilling a calling, satisfying a passion, paying forward, seeking an income, filling up our free time, upgrading our social status, enhancing our image and looking for a partner are some motives I have seen and heard. I also understand that it is reasonable to collect memories of that part of our life involve with the social service sector. The certificates we received, recognition from the organisation and photographs in this part of our life journey. 

But I cannot understand the reason behind posting photographs of you and those you are helping or supporting in the social media. Or rather, I cannot tolerate the motive of people posting photographs of themselves with their beneficiaries in Facebook, Twitter and Google+!

It is not uncommon to hear excuses that the beneficiaries had agreed to have his or her photographs taken.


The person who looks weak, helpless, dependant make an informed decision to have his/her photographs circulated in social media to your friends, and friends of friends? The person agreed to be portraying to be weak, helpless and dependant just to uplift your image of a person with good heart, sacrificing your life for him/her?

To start with, most of them don't even have the exposures, knowledge and cognitive ability to understand the implications of having that photograph taken. What's more, are you there for his or her entire life? You only contribute towards part of his life. What rights do you have to use him/her and belittle him/her?

What's your motive in posting that photograph? 

If you are unaware of the implications and just wanted to collect memories of your life, may I then suggest that you not circulate that photograph? 

Thanks for taking some time to read this posting.