Thursday, 11 April 2013

Sometimes, the old ways are still better.

Shaving, I supposed to do everyday. Think north, by the way.

Shaving cream, after-shave lotion, complicated and flexible twin head electric shaver? I have none.

Well... I tried those and was even thinking of going back to use those expensive stuffs, made believe to be good through heavy advertising expenditures, a year ago.
Fortunately, an article I read from the Art of Manliness ( convinced me not to and that saving equate to more bowls of my favourite herbal soup, 老火汤. Yippee!!!

Why not?

Those shaving cream and after-shave lotion are not natural, created in the lab, injected with artificial favours to make them smell nice, mixed with chemical to numb the skin, ease the pain and provide that refreshing sensation.

Oh, and have you ever tried putting your skin on a rotating fan?


That's what happened when you shave with electric shaver. The only difference is, you now have 2 or 3 tiny blades instead of one huge one. That's also the reason why cream and lotion are important. They numbed your feelings, eased your pain and provided you with that refreshing feeling after the shave. Will you be prepared to suffer without those?

Do we really need multiple cuts and induce so much friction to trim our hair?

Well, that's a no from me.

We just need a good cut using our old, reliable and tested manual shaving blade that many folks are still using.

Ultimately, it's the method that matters. Wetting the surface, allowing the moisture to soften the pores, ensuring the surface is covered with adequate soap, shaving along the growth of our hair and not against it.

Although we may not get a cleaner shave when compared to shaving against the hair growth. Do we really want to irritate our skin or worst, encourage in-grown hair?

The only problem I faced when shaving along the hair growth is that, it became almost impossible if the hair is too long. So... daily shaving is a must.

Life is simple. We sometimes spend lots of effort and money hoping to impress others, or thinking it would be better. It doesn't, it just ended up being complicated.