Saturday, 6 April 2013

With great power comes great responsibility

That's what Uncle Ben told Spiderman, Peter Parker before he die.

And it's just so true!

While most of us does not have the great power that Spiderman, President of USA or CEO of big corporation acquired, we do have the ability to influence the life of others around us. Our children, students, clients, colleagues and people under our care.

So in situations when our decision affect the life of others, what then should be the basis for our decision? Should our consideration for that decision be based on our own interest, the benefits of the organisation or the well-being of others whose life will be implicated by that decision?

If a fair world ever exists, your decision will hardly have any impact on others around you, as they have the options to accept or ignore your decision without any consequences. Their decision to accept your action would very much depends on their values, their relationship with you and the benefits they received in accepting your action.

But NO!

The world is never fair and there are always this group of people where their life is depended on others as they would suffer if they did not agreed to the action of others. They may be severely ill, physically and/or cognitively challenged.

"With great power comes great responsibility."

Please remember, and do consider the core of human spirit.

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