Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Growing Old.

"Age is mind over matter; if you don't mind, it doesn't matter." (Grily, 2013).

Grily, who?

A participant in the course I attended few months back. She stressed again and again, she read the phrase from somewhere, not hers.

Is it true?

Hello, the phrase. Not about Grily or whether she is the originator of the phrase, or not. Haha...

Life is so unpredictable. There are so many things happening in our life that we hope we are able to predict its arrival so that we can be better prepared. However, there is just one thing in life that everybody knows its coming. We don't need to have super natural power to do so. You have the answer? 


Whether you are rich, poor, healthy, weak, powerful and/or normal, you will DIE.

So am I prepared to die? Yes, I am.

Am I scared or worried? Yes, I am.

I am also equally worried about the journey towards death and the process of ageing. I contributed to my group's positive scoring of ageing at 4/13. Yes, a failing mark that reflected our negative perception towards ageing. It's not just me or our group. Not even one individual or group gave ageing a passing mark during the course.

SAD?! Yes, it is.

Well, it's not the end for the elders. The score is subjective and pretty much influenced by the views of the person, people surrounding the person and the general perceptions of elders. We are currently living in the world where majority of the population are in their 30s and 40s. Man being man, tends to be selfish and therefore, little resources and thoughts are being put into supporting the elders.

Elders are the minority for now.

It's about perception of the average person on the street on growing old. Most are young and failed to see the need of the elders, as they are energetic. They focused only on earning and spending their money. This pushes prices up and that in turns forces people to work harder and bring in more money. The need to bring food to the table and support the young to face the competitive world out is real, very REAL.

So what about the elders?

Do you want your own score on growing old to be so low? I am sure I will hear the unison answer.


Remember how we tried explaining to our parents that we needed the little privacy and space? How we assured them we are capable to look after ourselves? How we hope they will respect our views and decision? How we complaint about our parents nags, scold, control and not being understanding to our needs? 

We all wanted to be a better elder. An elder that is loved by all, an elder that respect their children and grand children's views, an elder that is less demanding and controlling. However, how many of us actually put words into action? The reality between what we wanted and what actually happened when we grow old?

Bingo! We morphed into the same person that we have being complaining.

The cycle just keeps going.

It's not easy to grow old. The lost of relationship, income, power, control and self-worth resulted in us changing to the person we never wanted to be.

Do you want to break the cycle? Yes, I am determined. You?