Friday, 16 August 2013

I moved... (PG13)

Boarded a crowded MRT train during peak hours last week to meet yt and 小tz at Orchard Road.

I moved backwards to create space for those came in after me. 2 finger pokes stopped me from moving further. I discovered I am too close to the 2 ladies standing behind me.

I moved a little forward to keep a safe distance between me and the 2 ladies, not wanting the word "Molest!" to come out from their mouth. Before I know, my face got smacked into a wall of hairs. Arghh... now I am too close to the young lady in front. So close that I got a little worried she may scream "Molest!".

I moved my right hand to cover my media sensitive, controversial and well, problematic (in this instance) body part that occupies the lower part of my body. Oh NO!!! The back of my hand (back hor, not palm) touches something soft!

I moved my hand away with the speed of light, and pray. Crossing my fingers, toes and even hairs (Ops, no hair) praying that she will not shout "Molest!".

No, she did not shout "Molest!" and I did not ended up at a police station. She must be a seasoned urban warrior that battles the squeezy MRT train daily.

She, not me!

It kind of sad that we have to live in such a crowded city. Sigh~

I so so so missed travelling on my usual trip that day. The trip that is against the traffic, the trip with lots of space and even seats readily available for me.

Lesson learnt: (1) Try not to travel to town during peak hours. (2) If I need to travel, bring along a bag to shield that troublesome body part of mine. And (3) I must learn to suck in that body part of mine, just like how I suck in my stomach, in case I cannot avoid travelling to town and forget to bring along a bag.

What if the new MRT lines diverted traffic to the line I frequently travelled? What if they build more factories and offices around my house and workplace? What if there are more shopping centres, cinemas and night spots near my house and workplace? What if our population continue to increase?
No, no, no.... so negative!

What if I get myself a car and be free from the squeezy MRT train, and cutting my travelling time from 1.5 hours to just 20 minutes?

Err... wait! Money not enough leh.

Can I still look for a sugar daddy or mummy at age 45? Haha...