Monday, 26 August 2013

How my tooth dropped (by 小tz).

When I was eating "Hi-Chew", I felt something hard and realized that it was my tooth. My mother kept it in a small ziplock bag.

I did not cry when my tooth dropped. After that, I was still happy. I liked it when my tooth dropped.

Afterwards, we went to Harbourfront to eat PastaMania. I ate chocolate chip ice cream and bacon pasta. My mother ate tom yam pasta and drank iced tea. I like to eat PastaMania because I like the kids' meal.

When we got home, we bathed and got dressed. When I was sleeping, my mother took a photo of my tooth. After that, I was asleep.

The end for how my tooth dropped.

Note from cRaZy dAdDy:
We got a little worried when her new tooth is out but the existing tooth still stuck in her mouth. Got her to see 2 different dentists thrice just to be sure. Well, almost wanted to get it pulled out and was pretty worried she will cry for days resulting from the pain. Surprise! Hee...