Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Duty of fathers.

Kids Meals!

I discovered that most father ended up eating this when I chatted with 2 other fathers recently.

No, I am not talking about nuggets, fries and apple juice from McDonald's. And if you are single, or you happened to be the few fortunate souls, I am talking about meals leftover by our kids.

K i d s   M e a l s

Got it?

Looking at the father next to me, having his second round of food, like me, I commented: "Hey, it's getting better now, right?!"

"You are so right!" he supported.

"It was worst when the kids were much younger, serious." joined the third father.

"Yeah. I totally agreed. Sigh..." I said.

Giving me a pat on my shoulder, the second father echoed: "Eating porridge that tastes like nothing. I been through that too."

Looking at each other one last time, we buried our heads to finished our Kids Meals.

The duty of fathers. Pitiful hor? Haha... so if we happens to be fat, please understand our difficulties with diet control.

Just ate sushi with yt and 小tz last weekend. yt told me that they wanted to eat the week before but as I was working during that weekend, they decided to wait till I am available.

Tears almost dripped from the corner of my eyes when I told yt not to wait for me next time.

"Daddy, if you are not around, who is going to help me finish all the rice rolls left over by 小tz?!"


Rice rolls? Look at the photo, friend. Yes, the rice portion of the sushi. 小tz loves the meaty top so yt and I teamed up to finish the rest of the sushi.

"High 5 darling!" Haha...

Oh yes, I understand and will still loves you even if you became fat.