Wednesday, 18 September 2013

What I learnt from a trip to the playground.

Met up with a group of parents over the National Day long weekend last month. Well, like most parents do, we ended up at the playground watching our kids having fun. 

Anything new? Haha...

And like what usually happens in the playground. 

Oops...  :x

I meant like what is may happens once in awhile at the playground, children do get knocks into each other while running around.

That happened to my friend's son that day. He accidentally head-banged into another older boy running towards him. Both fell and immediately, my friend and the older boy's maid came over to carry, inspect and calm the boys. In most cases, this will likely end the entire episode, right?

I meant what else can happen thereafter? Adults started scolding each others? Children started fighting with each other? Or what?

Well, it did not. 

After talking to his son, what his son did next was a pleasant surprise. Instead of continuing his fun at the playground, he came down from his father's hug, walked towards the older boy, extended his hand, shake the boy's hand and likely said something like "sorry". I can't confirm that as I was too far to figure out what he said to the boy.

This, I am impressed! I like my friend's attempt to build a good foundation for his son.

It's not easy to impart the determination to be strong and stay healthy. It's even harder at this competitive world to be academically good. 

How about having the courage to apologise, to admit our mistakes and face the person that causes all that? Look around us, we, the adults who are suppose to be more mature. How many of us are able or willing to do that? We ended up telling lies, suppressing others and belittle those that doesn't abide to our saying.

No wonder there are so few leaders among us.

Well done, my friend.