Friday, 18 July 2014

Just some random thoughts.

It has been 2 years since I began this blog. It was started with a very simple objective. To leave words behind for my daughter if she does decide to find out about me and what we did when she was young.

2 men were instrumental in getting me to write and put up this blog. My late father and father-in-law. Both were men of the 60s. The old resilient Asian men that we hardly see in today's generation. They were good men with few words who prefer to bring in the money and ensure a minimum standard of living for their family. Both prefer not to explain their action, and let their action speak for them. However, many, me included did not discover their good intention and failed to understand them. I've been fortunate to be given the chance to know both of them better towards the end of their life journey.

That gets me very worried. What if I followed their style, became less chatty and decided to keep everything to myself? Well, many of my friends may though that is almost impossible, right? I chose to be better prepared than to leave those to fate. I will never underestimate the power of our environment, circumstances and peers that may change us. 

I had explained, but some of you may still wonder. Since the main objective of this blog is to leave words for my daughter, why then am I actively promoting it? It is all part of my effort to ensure that this blog remains accessible (not password protected) and is on the top of a search. I had in mind, if there are 2 or more "Ling Chong Beng" or "The Crazy Daddy" in this world, at least this blog will be displayed among the top few listings during a search.

Along the way, while the main objective did not defers, this blog had also become an avenue for me to let go of my many frustrations in life. A place to practice my writing skills and a connection point for the limited group of readers I had. Having said all the above, I am still learning, as I always said. My expression skills, grammar and readership for the blog are still way below average. But I am learning, just like how I am learning to be a good father.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Characters vs Disability

Vesak Day, Tuesday, 13 May 2014.

Experience the opportunity to witness 2 entirely different people in the same restaurant while enjoying my buffet.

See, when it comes to buffet, I don't just eat and eat. Haha...

Person A is a Chinese Singaporean with well-to-do family. Both parents dressed well with expensive accessories. Father is only concerned with imitating the slang of his European friend and impressing him. Mother is busy giving in to person A.

Person B is a European with an average family. The whole family, including his sister and her family were seated together, talking and enjoying their meals.

The only similarity between the two were likely be their IQ level. 

Person A is a boy about the age of 6. Person B is a teenager with Down Syndrome.

That's the only similarity as far as I can see.

The boy was shouting, screaming and running around the restaurant, taking utensils from almost every table if nobody stops him. Then giving it to his mother who ran after him, not to intervene buy to support his utensils collecting spree. Once in a while, he would run back to his table, grabbed some food using his hand, stuffed into his mouth then continue his routine of disturbing others.

The teenager on the other hand, was polite and observe social norms. He eats well and talks softly to his family members. I met him at the egg station and was delighted to see him waiting patiently for his turn to order his omelette. He even say thank you to the cook after he got his omelette. 

Am I saying that Europeans are much better than Asians?

Definitely not. Earlier on, a group of European men seated at the table next to ours, was seen grabbing 2 containers of fresh milk from our table. After they finished the milk, they just placed the containers on our table, not in its original place and didn't even bother to say thank you or sorry. Walking back to our table, the group was seen dragging our table to form a bigger table to accommodate their friends who have just arrived. They are aware that the table belongs to us. Moreover, our food and bags was also left on the table. I have to tell them its our table before they stopped their nonsense. 

A lot of time, we judge others based on their disability, race, country origin and wealth. I am just trying to proof that it is not true.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Another bad dream?!

Sunday, 1 June 2014.

Remember the bad day dream I had about having a morning jog with yt and 小tz? I had been thinking about it and I really like the idea, but not the sport. So here comes the idea of having a morning swim together. That is what 小tz and I did this morning.

Well, what happened next caught me by surprise. She brought along her new swimming board, we bought her upon her request. It is supposed to help her to better her strokes in front crawl, said her swimming instructor. Yes, her front crawl still needs lots of effort, but her kicks are powerful. Holding on to her board in front and kicking, I have a problem catching up with her.

Go, Chong Beng, go!

Better practice harder before the jogging bad dreams translate into the swimming scene. Haha...

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Like father, like daughter, eh?

Brought 小tz to dinner and discovered that she had the same habit as I, of leaving the best till the last. She finished most of her rice and what are left behind were the steam fish, steam eggs and sweet & sour pork.

I always thought that the habit I had when I was young, were resulted from a poor background. The need to keep the best for raining days.

Anyway, a delighted new discovery on my crazy girl.