Saturday, 29 June 2013

She just loves cooking!

Pizza - First, apply the tomatoes paste.

Pizza - Then, put a layer cheese.

Pizza - See! Is my tress nice?

Bento Set - Roll, not boat but BREAD!

Bento - Ok? Check again....

Bento - Yummy right?  ;P~

Corn Soup - Shhh.... I need to weight the onions.

Corn Soup - I can COOK!

Corn Soup - Right?

Corn Soup - Show you more photos. Say "YES"!

Corn Soup - Why am I shaking?

Corn Soup - Flower for my soup.

Tang Yuan - Shhh, I am busy again!

Tang Yuan - I punch, I punch and ...

Tang Yuan - You become ORANGE! Hee...

Tang Yuan - This is going to be fUn!

Tang Yuan - It IS!!!

Tang Yuan - Nice?

Tang Yuan - I am making it into a ....

Tang Yuan - Coin, see that?

Tang Yuan - Who says I doesn't know how to cook?

Tang Yuan - It looks yummy, right?

Tang Yuan - Mummy, you want the cherry huh?

Tang Yuan - Almost....

Tang Yuan - DONE!!!

She just loves cooking!

No. She is not my dear, sweet wife. She is none other than tz! It makes me wonder if she will grow up as a Chef or Hawker. Anyway, we told her she needs her basic academic foundation before she can read cooking recipe, plan her marketing strategies and interact with her customers, BEFORE she can cook and sell her cooking.

Twisting logic? A bit la, but we just wanted her to have a strong foundation and more options in future. You know? Hee...

We have the worst haze ever at PSI of 401 in Singapore for more than last week. As a reference, above 200 is unhealthy and above 300 is dangerous even for a physically fit person. Anyway, we are still blessed compared to PSI at 700 in Muar, Malaysia. yt, tz and I were like hiding from war in our house without air-conditioning and all windows and door closed. We even have to survive on sandwiches for 3 days when PSI keeps moving up and down from 250 to 401.

Poor thing hor.

When Mother Nature helps Singapore with the winds blowing away the haze, when the PSI is below 100, guess what we did? We "cheong" (rush) to the nearest shopping centre to have our respite under the comfort of cool temperature and have our first proper meal.

It's equally lucky for us that the shopping centre was having an event, allowing children to experience simply cooking. We registered tz and it's the first time we see smile on her little face since our hiding in our little house.

She wrote the following while we were waiting for her next cooking class:

I love mum, I love dad!
I love my family!
I love them soooooooooooooo much,
that every day I hug them!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A delayed letter to Mr Artwork

Dear Sir,

My apologies in writing to you after such a long delay. You see, I needed time to dig through my photographs just to be sure that what I have written is not influence by you.

Please take a look at your "artwork" you had created on my daughter's hot chocolate on 12 May 2013 at 11:35am, the first photograph I attached above. 

My question is, is it a tiger? A cat? Or a leopard? I am curious and to-date, my daughter, my wife and I are still thinking about it. I am more inclined to believe that its money thrown into the drain, together with a shattered heart of a little girl.

My wife told me that you had told her it's difficult to create the artwork on hot chocolate. You had even challenged her to name the outlet that is able create nice artwork on hot chocolate. I almost believe your story till I found end second photograph shown above.

Still bad, but at least much better than the don't know what tiger, cat, leopard or money down the drain with a shattered heart. Are you very forgetful or you happened to have a identical looking colleagues working at the same outlet?

So is it attitude gone bad or you need to go for retraining?

Oh, just in case you think I am too harsh, the last photograph above is another artwork by another outlet on 31 March 2013. See the difference?

I have developed the habit of taking photographs of hot chocolate artwork, to keep them and allow my daughter to look through them. I recalled taking photographs of very beautiful artwork on hot chocolate, done by your colleagues from the same outlet. No, I am not talking about that identical looking colleague of yours.

In any case, it is not our responsibility to ensure consistency in service and product delivery within your company. Ok, I got it. It is not yours either, right?

Tell you what, I am a very lazy person. So chances of me digging further to show other photographs of hot chocolate artwork, or send a complaint letter to your company is highly unlikely for now. The essence is me and now. I ought to help uphold the standard of your company as I know and seen good reliable staff. Fortunately, much greater in numbers. So, my wife and I may still send in that complaint letter.

Thanks for reinforcing my habit of saying…

I really don't know what to say.

Yours sincerely,
The Crazy Daddy

Monday, 17 June 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Yesterday, I woke up with a kiss on my cheek and this beautiful card next to me. Now I know why the strict instruction from yt the night before, in restricting me from leaving home yesterday morning for my taiji.

My father's day starts with a sleepy head getting a morning kiss, to a great ending at Esplanade outdoor theatre. No expansive meals and events requiring me to spend lots of money. The type of life I liked. A choice not by circumstance since I can't afford the expansive lifestyle, but a choice by preference to enjoy life experience, to be in touch with the people I love and to contribute time instead of money.

That's all this father asked for being stared at outside the female changing room, holding on his bowels while out with his daughter, catching up with his daughter when he no longer runs in his usual day, and having his meals taxed by his daughter. Haha...

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Like daddy or mummy har???

Holding your little hand, walking home after your art class in the night, I am amazed how we are so close again, when just hours ago we are still angry at each other. You were tired from your busy schedule for the past few days, lack of sleep and throwing tantrums. I wasn't happy with your behaviour and given you the final warning that I will ignore you if you do not stop all your nonsense.

Fortunately, or not, you did before we aligned from the bus to your art class. Else we may not have this short conversation:

小tz: "Daddy, when I was 3 years old, I always told grandma I want to sleep."

Me: "huh, huh..."

小tz: "Then when I am 4 years old, grandma ask me to write words on 2 pieces of paper with spacing after each line."

Me: "That's great."

小tz: "Know what daddy? I left 10 lines of spacing after each line. Like that I can finish faster and go to sleep."


What a great display of her creative problem solving skills, for the wrong things in life.

Sigh... Should I be happy or sad?

Like daddy or mummy har???

Friday, 7 June 2013

The first guest post by 小tz.

I have many friends in school.

AL always says that she is my friend and she sometimes sits with me. She says KF, IA and I are pretty.

IA is my best friend because last time she sat next to me in the school bus. Sometimes she sits with me when we are about to sing the national anthem. I like IA's sister too. She is cute and studies in the same school as IA and I.

I like KF because she is my friend. Sometimes she talks to me and sometimes she sits with me when we are waiting to sing the national anthem. I also like her brother.

I like AW because she is very pretty and she always gives me things. She always talks to me in the school bus until we reach school.

I like KL because she is pretty and she also talks to me before school starts. KL also says that KQ and AW and IA are pretty.

Note from the Crazy Daddy:

A peek into the world of little girls.

In a matter of months, 小tz is going to lose all her friends she mentioned above, as they will likely be studying in different primary schools. Hope she is able to cope with her first major transition.