The Crazy Daddy.

Dear 小tz,

Oh... should I call you Fairy Godmother, Little Miss Chatterbox or Strawberry Shortcake? You keep changing your name so it's kind of difficult for me to catch up with the changes, you know?


Sometime after I started blogging in early 2012, you asked me this funny question: "Daddy, why are you always so crazy? Are you born crazy?" At the back of my mind, I was thinking you, my little princess, had yet to look at your daddy's facebook and google+ photographs and postings. Talking about being crazy... Hee hee. 


Ok, back to your question of me being crazy. No, I wasn't born crazy. In fact, long long time ago (like what you always says), like some 8 years ago, I was a pretty serious person. However, being serious has its disadvantages. You know one of the disadvantages when you replied that you prefer me to be crazy rather than being serious. That's right, nobody wanted to face a serious looking person, be it at work or at home. Moreover, being serious, or rather, being a perfectionist, a person that demand great expectation, a person that blame himself for not achieving targets in life and a person that gets angry at others for not performing, can be very stressful. Stress, is a very dangerous element that affect you and others around you. It brings down your health and it isolates you from people around you. I had been through that and I seriously hoped you need not go through the path.

Life is short! Whether you like it or not, there bound to be failures and unhappy events in life. So would you rather be crazy like daddy, laugh at my mistake, learn from it and move on, or be very bothered by those events and be stuck in life? We only have a few 10 years in life, what attitudes you adopted to face life affect its outcome, your happiness.

Having said that, I am not telling you to be laid back, not do anything and just enjoy life. I better be clear before your mummy kills me... Ha ha.


I planned. There is lots of thing in my life, both at home and at work that wouldn't happened without planning. However, not everything that was planned runs smoothly as I had expected. In such instances, I choose to learn from my mistakes, be crazy, laugh at myself then move on in life.

So, no, I am not born crazy. And yes, I am crazy. Hee hee...