Monday, 5 March 2012

Review of the Cheese and mushroom ham sandwiches by yt & Co.

Even before eating, the bright yellow, rounded rectangular box that stores the sandwiches had already captured my attention. What a thoughtful packaging, I say to myself. It reminds me of the “back to school” kind of feel, just like the good old days. Err… wait! I just remembered I never ever bring sandwiches to school previously. Ops… err… imagine (just like whattz always says) la, the good old days when we are in primary school. Hee…

The sandwiches were perfectly cut with no extra bits and pieces showing at its edges. The feel was great too, with the sandwiches chilled and compressed to give it a unique feel. The mixture of its coolness with the assurance of its fillings from the firm touch was simply amazing!

You must be thinking that it’s great right? No, it’s simply, terrifically, wonderfully great to be able to taste such a unique, limited edition sandwiches. With my first bite, the mixture in taste from the chilled bread, the cheese and mushroom ham filled my mouth and instantly satisfied my taste buds with its coolness, the smell of the mushroom and the texture from the ham and cheese.

Hmm… wondering if I ever have another opportunity to write another review on the food from yt & Co.