Thursday, 7 February 2013

"Boss, know what? I will be late because the queue is SHORT!"

"I have been sitting there waiting for the bus!" said the lady.

Waiting second in line for bus 165, a late 40s lady and her husband suddenly appeared and stand in front of the queue. 

Frustration controlled, I smiled and signaled to the lady that they need to stand in line and not cut queue this way.

She rightly told me that they were here far before me and were sitting at the seats behind the bay while waiting.

Matter of the fact is, if there is a bay for waiting, wait there! I gave the couple my signature fierce look that resulted in the lady's husband holding her back till everybody else boarded the bus.

Such instances is not new to me whenever I wait for bus 165 in Hougang Bus Interchange. It's seems that the queue is getting shorter yet the wait is getting longer. Well, less people queue up and more preferred to cut queue. Wondering if this can be a valid excuse next time:

"Boss, know what? I will be late because the queue is SHORT!"

Well, hope this will never ever going to happen, just like the acceptable practice of MRT station issuing memo to justify a person lateness in attending work or school.

Err... I still want that memo and/or reason for being late for work. Getting stuck in the tunnel or delayed resulting from the large crowds taking the alternative transport during major breakdown of our train is no fault of mine. Right?!