Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The sentence that created wonders...

Finally get to sit down and enjoy my cup of warm water.

It is really amazing how a few words can transform into such great action by so many people. It's... it's... SIONG ah~

One great thing that came out from this siong and tiring experience, is the team spirit I saw and experience in the process of fulfilling the task. Well... it's time for Spring Cleaning anyway.

Hope all of you are up and ready for a fantastic snake year!  :D

Oh no... one more Spring Cleaning that needed my attention. Or... err... can we skip this year?  :p

Monday, 28 January 2013

The most awesome cupcake... ... to me. Hee...

Presenting the most beautiful, awesome, amazing and fantastic cupcake decoration ever made by an old man, ME!

Nice? (Now, you better say "yes".)

Have a great weekend making and decorating cupcake with 小tz and yt.

Err.... thanks goodness I do not need to eat them. Oops... I meant so sad I don't get to eat them. :p

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Well... at least an improvement?

Me and 小tz: "Curly curly 豆豆, Curly curly 豆豆, change!"

小tz: "Daddy, I change you into a frog."

Me: "I change you into a fly! Hehe... now I can eat you. La, la, la~ "

小tz: "Daddy, I say FORK, not FROG. Na, na na bu bu."

Me: "... ... ..."

By the way, 小tz taught me that while saying the phrase, you need to draw circles using your index finger then point at the person you want to change.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Sometimes I hope...

Sometimes I hope I am just an ordinary man with decision I made not affecting the life of others. Sometimes I hope I will have more time to spend with my family and not have to cancel arrangement last minutes. Sometimes I hope life would be simpler where I am living in farm feeding animals and planting vegetables.


Life isn't that simple.

I have mouth to feed and cost to meet in this environment where cost of living is always ahead.
I have passion and dreams that I wanted to see materialize during my life.

I enjoyed that satisfaction I received and its just too great to give up.

What's more, even farmers nowadays need to do a little marketing and relationship building to ensure that people actually buying what they planted and fed.

That's life...

Frustrating, challenging, some what enjoyable to a sadist like me.
I am on my way and returning home to the hugs and kisses of my pretty wife and sweet daughter.

That is what I need to be recharged and challenge life again the next morning.