Thursday, 31 May 2012

Life still goes on, right?

Hi tz,

Still remember the fun we had at SAFRA Mount Faber's bowling alley on Tuesday, 15 May 2012? Well… it’s not just you, daddy and mummy joined you in washing the “long kang” (drain) of the bowling lane. Literally throwing money into the drain, they say. Haha…

Fortunately, we limit our losses to just 3 games; else we may have to eat bread throughout the week. Err… ok, daddy eats bread.  ;P

In playing games, like life, I hope you will understand that one can never win all the time. No matter how well prepared we are, there will be times when we will lose. Yes, it hurts, but life still goes on, isn’t it? Crying, throwing tantrums and making life difficult for yourself for not winning are not going to help you win the next time. We should really reflect and learn from our failures, train harder and aim for the next opportunity.

It has been more than a month since I last blogged. This blog was really so quiet that even mummy asked “why somebody stop blogging huh?” last night. Well, since the queen herself mentioned, daddy better start writing something. Right? ;P

Oh, oh… Daddy is going to get scolding soon.  ;’(

There are a few excuses why I stopped blogging all together for an entire month, like I was busy with work, lost my stylus to draw and wanted to take break. Ok, ok, the truth is I have been preparing myself for a big challenge. BUT, like our games of bowling, I lost. So, it’s preparing, losing and the grieving thereafter that resulted in this space being so quiet for one entire month.

See, daddy is not going to be egoistic and tell you I am ok. I am not; I grieved just like most people do. But you know what? Life goes on and here I am, up and ready for the fight again!

Tata! Here comes Ben 10!!! Oops…. It’s Ben Ben.  ;(