Thursday, 14 November 2013

2013 Nanyang Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony.

It's like ages since I last woke up at 4 am in the morning. I used to do that to have my morning taiji before I bathe and go to work.

Laziness, my partner in crime had successfully persuaded me not to do so till today.

Today is an important day. The day I celebrate completing stage 1 of my fatherhood journey. The day 小tz graduated from Nanyang Kindergarten.

So I woke up at 4 am this morning to make sure I have my morning exercise and be ready for the day ahead. 小tz is only required to report at 1 pm. But you know, being Singaporean and being "kiasu" (afraid of losing), we just wanted to be sure to give that extra time for yt and I to be ready. To ensure yt do not need to rush to do 小tz's hair for her graduation and performance. To ensure we gave 小tz enough time to wash up, eat and clear her bowel for her big day. So, the compounded effect is having me waking up at 4 am. 

Throughout the ceremony in the Auditorium of Nanyang Girls' High School, my eyes were wet with joy in seeing 小tz moving on to the next stage of her life journey, hearing from her teachers that her study and behaviour were both good in school, and seeing her being selected to be on the front row during the ceremony in the beginning and ending. Emotion flows when I saw her sing and sign in Taiwanese Sign Language (if I remember those signs correctly). It reminds me of the days when yt and I first know each other through volunteering during SADeaf-Starbucks Christmas Songs Signing.

It's a joyous occasion to realised I survived stage 1 of my fatherhood. 
I am definitely looking forward to the next stage which is coming Monday. 小tz's Primary School Orientation.

Err... Why so fast arh?!