Friday, 22 November 2013

Google Now vs. Siri, a crazy review.

Me: "OK Google. Where is the off switch on tz?"

Sad, Google ignore me. I suppose even with their large database, Google like me, is still unable to find the off switch for tz's voice output.


In case you have all the ??? in your head, I am talking about the latest update for Google Now. In addition to having a hot word "OK Google" to activate Google Search by voice  just like Motorola's Moto X, Google Now is also getting more interactive with voice feedback. With that, I can put my phone in my pocket, long press my headphones button and get Google Now to tell me the time, my next appointment or help me SMS anybody on my contact list.

tz: "OK Google. Can you please tell me which is the tallest building in Singapore?"

Google seems unable to catch what tz is asking and provided with irrelevant answer.

Me: "tz, you don't need to ask Google using such a long sentence. I show you."

Me: "OK Google. Tallest building in Singapore?"

tz: "Mr Ling, you are so rude towards Google. You know."


Oh no! Calling me Mr Ling some more. Where is her off switch for voice output?!?!

Me: "OK Google. Where is the off switch on tz?"

tz: "Daddy, I told you many times already. I don't have an off switch. Mummy didn't born me with one. Aiyo..."

#double facepalm#

tz ever used a Siri clone application for android I downloaded on my phone. With her interaction with both Siri and Google Now, she seems to like Siri better. Here's my review of Google Now versus Siri.

Google Now is like a man and Siri, a lady. I tell you why.

Google understand short and direct questions just like man. Anything longer than 7 words, you can expect irrelevant response. Cut the "please", "can you", "is", "are", "were", etc. Siri on the other hand, loves long complicated questions in complete sentences. Even when she does not have the answer, she will still engage you with her light hearted and appropriate reply.

Google Now, the man, tends to give you a direct answer and in most cases, with options so that you can decide what you need. Siri, usually provide an answer. However, she doesn't mind engaging in long interactive conversation and provide other options thereafter.

So, you prefer the man or the lady? Haha…