Sunday, 10 November 2013

Creative advertising. Agreed?

Marketing is always mistaken as having good advertisement, the right copywriting and brand awareness. All of this actually is just one of the 4 marketing mix, "Promotion".

The 4 marketing mix are price, place, promotion and product.

On 5 November 2013, I have the opportunity to see a failed marketing strategy focusing too much on promotion. In their menu, yt and I were attracted to the picture and description on one of their item.

Cheese Chawanmushi.

In its description it says "Japanese egg custard topped with cheese". The picture shows a traditional Chawanmushi cup of egg covered with a layer of smooth silky cheese.

Yummy, we thought. So we ordered the dish.

When the dish arrived, we were shocked. Ok, Ok, we were amazed by the terrific promotional strategy they employed. Creative wording anyway. The cheese, half a piece of those NTUC thin slice square cheese, cut into 2 and placed on top of the cup of traditional Chawanmushi. 

"Japanese egg custard topped with cheese", they were not wrong, did they?


"I like the egg", 小tz said. So, maybe they are targeting at the children and not old man like me.

~ The end ~