Tuesday, 19 November 2013

1.6kg gone while having fun, yippee!!!


3 days of sleep, 3 buffet breakfast and 1 buffet dinner from 5th to 8th November 2013 and my weight is down by 1.6 kg!

Yes, DOWN! Not up, and your eyes is not playing trick on you. Haha...

The good sleep with unplugged environment, ie cut off from SMS and email must have helped. So is the 3 days of swimming and 1 day of 8 hours non-stop walking in Legoland.

Talking about Legoland, it's my first visit to the place. In fact, it's my first visit to a theme park. First time having fun with all the rides, including roller coaster.

Right, on a roller coaster for the first time in my 45 years of life. Thanks to 小tz.

The fun of fatherhood. Haha...

小tz had fun too. I thought that seating at the outer seat of the roller coaster when it turns is more scary so I arranged 小tz to sit at the inner seat. It turns out to be otherwise. After the ride, 小tz keep saying: “你害死我了!” (you sabotaged me!). I have my fun too, for the next half an hour, I am like floating. yt had to carry all the bags till I felt I was back on solid ground.


It's worth the effort. Weight lost, fun, good rest and most important of all the words from 小tz on our way home.

"Daddy, I love you. You know right? Just like the 'I love you' card I drew for you at the hotel"

That's all I needed.

Love you too xiao baobei.

The koala bear 小tz and I outside Traders Hotel, Puteri Harbour, Johor, Malaysia.