Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Where is our Little Miss Chatterbox?

Tonight, 21 Nov 2013 will be one of those nights when yt hope that our little miss chatterbox was around. Haha...

"Mummy, I can take everything. Let me do it please."

Caption for the photo attached. I can only guess as I was at work.

The night before, while yt and I were busy with our stuff, 小tz was busy reading the programme sheet for her first campfire and last Nanyang Kindergarten overnight camp.

"Wow! Mummy, see! We are going to have buffet for breakfast. Imagine how I can eat as many biscuits and drink as much Milo as I like. Yummy ~"

"Hey, then we are going to have campfire you know. Campfire, mummy. Great man!"

"Oh, then I can sleep at 11pm. Haha... 11pm! So cool."

And as you could have guessed by now, she just goes on and on, and on, and on...

OMG! Didn't we bring her to try many types of buffet before? What's so great about having free flow of biscuits and Milo? In the first place, I really don't think the teachers going to let them have all the biscuits and Milo they want lor.


She is simply... excited. Pengz...

Her poor mother is just the opposite. She missed 小tz so much that she keeps messaging me while I was on my way home from work.

Oh... Poor me.  ;p


Upon her return, she asked: "Daddy, why you did not apply leave to fetch me home?"

Oh man, nagging from the 2 ladies.

Oops! Got to make sure the 2 didn't get to see the sentence above.