Friday, 4 October 2013

You stinky daddy.

小tz: "Ha ha ha you are so stinky! Love from 小tz"

Me: "Naughty girl. Home leow huh? Daddy still at Hougang. :-( "

小tz: "Home and bathed already, but you are still very stinky."

Me: "Later I come home then you know. :-/ "

The Facebook message pop up while I was on my way home after work. 

I replied immediately knowing that by the time I reach home, my little fellow would be sleeping. This is the life we have to manage with very little contact time for each other.

I treasure my limited time with yt and 小tz. Limited because a big portion of my evenings and weekends were taken away resulting from work commitments. That's part of the work deal and responsibilities that cannot be changed. That's also part of the reason why I hardly accept invitations for gatherings and wedding dinners after office hours.

If you were to ask me what I remembered about Jack Neo's movie "Money not enough", it's the part where his son insisted that the lights be switched off so he can confirm Jack Neo is his father through his silhouette. You may think it's just blown out of proportion for comedy effect but it isn't. Families with father always travelling out the the country faced such issues. Fortunately, this only happens to 小tz and me during the weekdays. I left home before she wakes up and I normally ended up carrying her to bed after I reached home and bathed. If not for the limited weekends I spend with her, we will likely ended up communicating through her mother's sms and FB messages. 

It's not that I don't treasure the friendship from friends that I keep rejecting invitations on their important days. I felt very bad for rejecting those invitations every single time. However, 
I need to ensure that I bring food to the family table and I wanted to be part of my daughter's life, not just a father that provide materialistic satisfaction. Anyway, I am not capable to satisfy every single one of her wants. 

Last night 小tz was up to her usual trick to request to sleep later, citing it is Children's Day School Holiday today so she need not wake up early. We ended up practicing her dance movements for her upcoming examinations. Well... also the crazy dance thereafter, as usual.

Unfortunately, while she was at her peak, my energy was already at its base. We slept at 10pm under the order of her highness, yt. I collapsed before giving her full head massage and back drumming as she will always request.

Sometimes, I think she is just like me. Every time after a day out, she will just hug yt or my arm and slept through the bus journey. It's just so great to watch she slept in the comfort of my hug. I simply love the feeling of her 2 little arms hugging my arm.

Daddy love you, 小tz.

Picture: Her tattoo from Children's Day celebration at school. She told me: "I ate 6 types of food and you eat none. Na nana bu bu~"