Tuesday, 4 February 2014

I don't eat rotten apples. No. Not even forced.

Is it necessary?

Heard a hurtful statement about me few weeks back. It was a reported statement by the other person, who heard it from another person. In summary, it's a rumor.

I am hurt and disappointed.

Regardless of how hard I tried not to think about it, I can't. I just cannot understand how one can't differentiate things like:
"Chong Beng doesn't eat fruits." to
"Chong Beng doesn't eat apples." to
"Chong Beng doesn't eat rotten apples".
Can you?

What's the problem if I don't eat rotten apple? First, it is my personal choice and second, it's rotten. OMG!!! The person eats rotten apple? It would be worst if the person doesn't even eat fruits to start off.

Will I change based on the reported advice?

First, I am not even one. How to change?!?! Then, why should I change when doing that only please the person but go against my principle in life.
"If the decision don't benefit everybody. If the decision may hurt others. Why should I bother?"
What say you?