Friday, 9 May 2014

A bad, bad day dream.

Returning home from my morning walk last weekend, I saw a family of 4 jogging. I immediately got attracted to the scene.

Then, observing further, the mother and son was jogging  at a consistent pace in front, while the father and their younger daughter were visibility struggling behind to catch up. Oh NO!!! Please don't let this happen. It's not something I looked forward to.

I smiled for not having to struggle like that father. Not that I am a better runner, but for the blessing that yt and 小tz are not into jogging. I would likely be in a worst off situation if I am asked to jog. yt and 小tz would probably be having their breakfast for hours at the destination, while I am still struggling, not to run, but breathe.

Bad dream. What a bad, bad day dream I had. Stop it! Count your blessing and don't always get attracted to simple and happy living, you crazy daddy. Not everything suits you, you know.


Note: Photograph taken by yt during my last birthday when 小tz and I were crazy showing funny faces and yt was busy snapping away. I am cute, right? *vomit*