Monday, 31 December 2012

What I wanted for 2013.

This seems a terribly delayed post to talk about goals in 2013. Well it's not even a goal to start with.

Took a photo of this witty photographer during Christmas last year. She was happily taking the photographs of our finished products, the stage and space ship we built.

That's life. The simple and peaceful life I very much wanted and hoped for in 2013, the real me living peacefully and happily with my family.

Just like those days I spend with yt and 小tz towards the end of 2012. Bringing 小tz for breakfast, slow walk, hours of fun at the playground, building castle at home and catching up with each others at the bowling alley (we just sit there watching others, no games and money spend).

Reflecting my life since Christmas last year, I concluded that's what I wanted to do in 2013. To focus on living, developing good habits and being a good role model for 小tz.

It's not difficult to be happy if we just be ourselves and allow others to be themselves.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Up, up and away! The great way to fly.

To both of us, it's tons of excitement. Our first trip on Jet Star travelling by air, you know AIR! Not sea and not land where it takes hours and hours of travelling. It's our first trip to KL, our first overseas holiday by air!!!


The only difference between the 2 of us is she is 5 and I am 44 this year!

Even taking into account that I don't really enjoy travelling till I meet yt, 小tz is still consider fortunate when compared to our generation, having the opportunity to be able to fly at such a young age.

Monday, 24 December 2012

A wonderful Christmas.

For many weeks, I am able to have my peaceful breakfast during weekdays. Taking my time to eat my breakfast and catching up with my reading. It has been so peaceful that I am kind of getting a little uncomfortable.

You see, the issue is about the disappearance of an ex-client that I used to support. For years, I have been seeing him walking pass the coffee shop where I have my breakfast. We always have our friendly greetings and short conversation 1 to 2 times a week. He standing on the pavement and I seated in the coffee shop, shouting at each other due to the distance between us.

Yes, it's embarrassing. Sometimes the situations get worst when the topic of our conversion err... goes a little unconventional or socially not acceptable. There was a period he keeps asking me why I have no hair on my head. You guys should see the stares we received from people around us. I was really thinking about getting a paper bag and cover my face, you know?

So when I did not see him for a few days, I am kind of happy to be able to have that little "me" time for myself. However, after a few weeks, I am kind of missed his smile, friendly greetings and his familiar “teo chew” (local dialect) tunes he sings while walking.

Felt very uneasy this morning and managed find time to call a friend to check on him. I am really happy that I did and relieved to know that he is still the old him, walking and singing along his way to work.

Without that uneasiness, I am now able to relax and celebrate Christmas with 小tz.

Merry Christmas to all!  :D

Saturday, 22 December 2012

An experience so great that once is enough.

It rare to have the opportunity to get so excited, to have the feeling that as if I am floating, to have my heart pumping to the beat of disco, to be on the road at such a high speed, seeing cars being overtaken and be intimidated with tailgating and constantly honing. One would never believe that the driver was an old man with a pair of cool sunglasses.

Oh... one important note, driving a bus with passengers on board.

As the quality and interior of the buses improved through the years, the rides seem to be getting shakier with those improvements. The problem lies with the road, the bus or its driver?

I remember that back in my school days, I was able to sleep standing on the bus. Err... wait. So am I the root of the problem?

Ageing, they say...

Saturday, 15 December 2012

That's the best life gives.

Found this photo in my album and I thought that was one of the best moment I have in life. Watching the great fireworks, eating my dinner and having the company the person I love and care most.

What's more should I ask.