Monday, 24 December 2012

A wonderful Christmas.

For many weeks, I am able to have my peaceful breakfast during weekdays. Taking my time to eat my breakfast and catching up with my reading. It has been so peaceful that I am kind of getting a little uncomfortable.

You see, the issue is about the disappearance of an ex-client that I used to support. For years, I have been seeing him walking pass the coffee shop where I have my breakfast. We always have our friendly greetings and short conversation 1 to 2 times a week. He standing on the pavement and I seated in the coffee shop, shouting at each other due to the distance between us.

Yes, it's embarrassing. Sometimes the situations get worst when the topic of our conversion err... goes a little unconventional or socially not acceptable. There was a period he keeps asking me why I have no hair on my head. You guys should see the stares we received from people around us. I was really thinking about getting a paper bag and cover my face, you know?

So when I did not see him for a few days, I am kind of happy to be able to have that little "me" time for myself. However, after a few weeks, I am kind of missed his smile, friendly greetings and his familiar “teo chew” (local dialect) tunes he sings while walking.

Felt very uneasy this morning and managed find time to call a friend to check on him. I am really happy that I did and relieved to know that he is still the old him, walking and singing along his way to work.

Without that uneasiness, I am now able to relax and celebrate Christmas with 小tz.

Merry Christmas to all!  :D