Thursday, 30 January 2014

Huat came early!

Huat ah (Prosperity) came early this year.

This year, Huat came earlier. Well, as early as on 25 Jan 2014 when yt, 小tz and I celebrated grandma's birthday.
Huat = 鱼生 = Yu Sheng = Lou Hei
Equal to prosperity, luck, wealth and everything good for the coming lunar year after eating the dish. Haha...

Unlike other uniquely Singapore culture, Yu Sheng aka. Lou Hei is unlikely to disappear due to the commercial motivation behind the dish. Which restaurant or eatery would want a profitable dish selling anything from $28 to as high as $128 to disappear?

On 6 January 2014, I chatted with 小tz while accompanying her to wait for her school bus.

小tz: "Daddy, are you working today?"
Me: "Yes dear."
小tz: "Then why are you wearing your home clothes?"
Me: "I am starting work at 12:30PM today. After you board your school bus, I am going for my Tai Chi then eat my breakfast."
小tz: "Then order your 钓鱼 (fishing) right? Hee hee..."
Me: "So clever huh."

Patting her shoulder, I smiled and nodded my head.

In case you are wondering, 钓鱼 or the direct translation - fishing, is the way the coffee shop aunties labelled Chinese Tea. 小tz ever asked me and I told her that the way we handle the tea bag gave Chinese Tea this name. A name that likely to disappear among the young ones with more of them going to McDonald's and Starbuck often than their coffee shop downstairs.

Is there any other coffee shop terms that will be forgotten soon too? Well... "Ta Kui" (kick ball),  Clementi and "hor li", just to name some I remember. Do you know what they are and  the reason behind those names? Haha...

Sad to see the erosion of the unique Singaporeans culture.

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

I like primary 1.

2 January 2014.

I was very excited and woke up at 5:30am to catch the school bus, so that I will not be late for my first day at school. I like my classroom, teachers and classmates in my new school. I love the playground in school because my teacher did not stop us when we go down the slide on our stomach. Near the toilet there's a water cooler. I think I will really like my primary school very much.

I make new friends. My class is 1 prudence and I have 2 new friends, Chelsea and Emily. My partner is Emily and Chelsea take the same school bus as me. The uncle which drive my friends and I home is Mr Goh. He talks all the way home. When my friend ask him to open a lollipop, he said to wait until he was at the traffic light. Then my friend said he was at the traffic light and asked him to open the lollipop. 

Written by: ThE cRaZy 小 tZ

Sunday, 5 January 2014

小tz first day in primary school on 2 Jan 2014.

Mummy asked Ah Boy to buy donuts for her. Before Ah Boy left home, mummy stressed:

"Make sure you pay $5 and the stall uncle give you 5 donuts. Give $5 and take 5 donuts back. Remember."

At the stall, the owner found Ah Boy very cute and gave an additional donut to him. On his way home, Ah Boy was visibly struggling and thinking... 

"Mummy told me to give $5 and take back 5 donuts. I have 6 now!"

He decided, took a donut and throw it into the rubbish bin.

There are numerous possible ending towards this story and there is always possibility that others may comment badly about Ah Boy's action. We can't possibly make everybody happy. I think mummy should be proud to have such a good son. 

I am proud of 小tz too on 2 Jan 2014.

Usually, it would take some time to get 小tz up from her bed. It's unusual today and I hope the unusual become the new usual. She was awake and waiting for me when I enter the bedroom. Just like how we arranged for her first day in Nanyang Kindergarten, yt and I rushed to get 小tz on her school bus then hurried to her school to meet her there. 

During recess, while some children was seen rushing to their parents standing at the holding area. 小tz ignored yt call and gave her the "I can do it, don't disturb me please." look. Haha...

I think our worries were not necessary. She was able to defend herself when one of her new classmate tried to be funny. Heard from yt that she had 2 new friends on her second day at school too.

安了, 安了。