Sunday, 5 January 2014

小tz first day in primary school on 2 Jan 2014.

Mummy asked Ah Boy to buy donuts for her. Before Ah Boy left home, mummy stressed:

"Make sure you pay $5 and the stall uncle give you 5 donuts. Give $5 and take 5 donuts back. Remember."

At the stall, the owner found Ah Boy very cute and gave an additional donut to him. On his way home, Ah Boy was visibly struggling and thinking... 

"Mummy told me to give $5 and take back 5 donuts. I have 6 now!"

He decided, took a donut and throw it into the rubbish bin.

There are numerous possible ending towards this story and there is always possibility that others may comment badly about Ah Boy's action. We can't possibly make everybody happy. I think mummy should be proud to have such a good son. 

I am proud of 小tz too on 2 Jan 2014.

Usually, it would take some time to get 小tz up from her bed. It's unusual today and I hope the unusual become the new usual. She was awake and waiting for me when I enter the bedroom. Just like how we arranged for her first day in Nanyang Kindergarten, yt and I rushed to get 小tz on her school bus then hurried to her school to meet her there. 

During recess, while some children was seen rushing to their parents standing at the holding area. 小tz ignored yt call and gave her the "I can do it, don't disturb me please." look. Haha...

I think our worries were not necessary. She was able to defend herself when one of her new classmate tried to be funny. Heard from yt that she had 2 new friends on her second day at school too.

安了, 安了。