Saturday, 8 September 2012

A taste of loneliness.

I was away on a trip to Malaysia from 30 Aug 2012 to 1 Sep 2012.

2 nights, 3 days away from Singapore for the first time without my family, I thought it would be a great break and having the most awesome “me time” I ever had. Imagine having all the time I wanted to reflect, to catch up with my reading and to have a peaceful break to plan what I wanted to do next in life. What’s more, having the luxury of a queen size bed all to myself! No more fighting for spaces to sleep leow. Isn't this just simply, awesome, wonderful and the best opportunity I would ever asked?  

The trip was fruitful with lots of positive outcomes and I totally enjoyed it. However, after all the excitements, positive charging and thinking, I felt the loneliness and emptiness once I walk into my resort room. I just simply couldn't sleep. No amount of sheep, babe and any other counting helps to make me sleep. Staring blankly at the ceiling from 11pm till 4am, before I finally gave up and left my room for my Tai Chi.  

Fortunately, I brought along a SD card full of the old songs that accompanied baobei and I through our life journey. It didn't helps in my sleep, but it does take away some part of the loneliness and gave me some sweet smiles recalling those wonderful times we have been through together. I love you baobei. It's really terrifying to imagine how life would be without you.  

On a side note, I was really amazed by the ability of the mosquitoes there to respect the territory rights of the resort's occupants. Be it in my air-conditioned room, the restaurant or seminar room, or on the airy walkway and lobby, as long as I am under the shelter of the resort, I am safe from those blood thirsty mosquitoes. Once I am under the sun, they dashed towards me to have their stomach filled. Just 5 minutes and I have more than 5 bites on my body and my head, of all places. Aiyoyo...

I forget to ask the staff before I left the resort. Can somebody tell me what the logic is and how the resort managed to do that?