Friday, 6 April 2012

What is love?

Love is having the opportunity to hold your hands till our hair turns grey. Going through moments when we laugh, smile, giggles, quarrel, cries, get bored and stares at each other.

Love is going through our daily routine of waking up, preparing breakfast, entertaining and teaching our kid. 

Love is screaming at each other, insisting our views, having cold wars till the kid pulls us together.

Love is seating in an empty unit, staring at each other from the day break till night’s falls when our kid have her own life.

Love is having you at my side from the day I say "I do" till I graduated and leave this earthly world.

Love is thanking fate for giving me the opportunity to be by your side supporting you for as long as my body can last.

Love is not getting tired in saying "I love you".