Thursday, 5 September 2013

Don't play play, I did that before too!

This happens some 20+ years ago when I was still young and energetic.

I was going round the old circular road near to our old National Stadium. The only place in Singapore then where there was less traffic with lots of fresh air in the evening.

Closing the gap between the group of runners in front, I was deciding if I should overtake them to continue with my training. Seeing that I am still hesitating, my instructor moved towards me, gives me a tap on my shoulder and encouraged me:
"You have done more rounds than them. It's about time you pick up your speed to be in front of them."
Feeling encouraged, I checked to make sure I don't knock into others, and then picked up the courage to overtake the group of runners.

Wow! That feeling was satisfying. After so many rounds of following behind this group of runners, I finally have the courage and determination to speed up. Looking back at the group of runners trying so hard to catch up with me, it just gave me the awesome feeling to continue my dream.

My dream to get a license, stop driving an "L" plate car and being nagged by my driving instructor.