Friday, 31 May 2013

A proud daddy, I am.

Standing and waiting outside the female changing room, I felt uneasy and kind of awkward. Everytime when a lady gets in or out of the female changing room, the stares seems to be piercing into me as if I am a pervert waiting for opportunity.

Sigh... If I have a paper bag, I would have used it to cover my face. Why time always move so slowly in such situations?!

"Daddy, I am done bathing! "

Shouted 小tz while walking out from the changing room. Bathed and changed, carrying her swimming board in one hand and the plastic bag full of her wet towels, swim wear and cap in the other hand. Handing me her swimming board and plastic bag of wet stuff, she remove the rubber band from my wrist and started tying her pony tail.

Wow!!!   :-D

I sense the transformation right away! From a suspected pervert to a proud father. Eyes were on us admiring my sweet independent girl and her proud father.

This is the part I like about 小tz. She is always so independent and well behaved. We have no problem bringing her out since birth. She would quietly sit at the corner and later while she is able to eat solid food, she is always neat in her eating with good table manners. No spillage, messy table nor noises at the dinning table.

It is amazing how times flies from carrying her to the handicapped toilet to waiting for her outside the female toilet.

Sometimes I am wondering. Wondering if she will one day object to daddy writing about her?

A proud daddy, I am.