Friday, 7 June 2013

The first guest post by 小tz.

I have many friends in school.

AL always says that she is my friend and she sometimes sits with me. She says KF, IA and I are pretty.

IA is my best friend because last time she sat next to me in the school bus. Sometimes she sits with me when we are about to sing the national anthem. I like IA's sister too. She is cute and studies in the same school as IA and I.

I like KF because she is my friend. Sometimes she talks to me and sometimes she sits with me when we are waiting to sing the national anthem. I also like her brother.

I like AW because she is very pretty and she always gives me things. She always talks to me in the school bus until we reach school.

I like KL because she is pretty and she also talks to me before school starts. KL also says that KQ and AW and IA are pretty.

Note from the Crazy Daddy:

A peek into the world of little girls.

In a matter of months, 小tz is going to lose all her friends she mentioned above, as they will likely be studying in different primary schools. Hope she is able to cope with her first major transition.