Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A delayed letter to Mr Artwork

Dear Sir,

My apologies in writing to you after such a long delay. You see, I needed time to dig through my photographs just to be sure that what I have written is not influence by you.

Please take a look at your "artwork" you had created on my daughter's hot chocolate on 12 May 2013 at 11:35am, the first photograph I attached above. 

My question is, is it a tiger? A cat? Or a leopard? I am curious and to-date, my daughter, my wife and I are still thinking about it. I am more inclined to believe that its money thrown into the drain, together with a shattered heart of a little girl.

My wife told me that you had told her it's difficult to create the artwork on hot chocolate. You had even challenged her to name the outlet that is able create nice artwork on hot chocolate. I almost believe your story till I found end second photograph shown above.

Still bad, but at least much better than the don't know what tiger, cat, leopard or money down the drain with a shattered heart. Are you very forgetful or you happened to have a identical looking colleagues working at the same outlet?

So is it attitude gone bad or you need to go for retraining?

Oh, just in case you think I am too harsh, the last photograph above is another artwork by another outlet on 31 March 2013. See the difference?

I have developed the habit of taking photographs of hot chocolate artwork, to keep them and allow my daughter to look through them. I recalled taking photographs of very beautiful artwork on hot chocolate, done by your colleagues from the same outlet. No, I am not talking about that identical looking colleague of yours.

In any case, it is not our responsibility to ensure consistency in service and product delivery within your company. Ok, I got it. It is not yours either, right?

Tell you what, I am a very lazy person. So chances of me digging further to show other photographs of hot chocolate artwork, or send a complaint letter to your company is highly unlikely for now. The essence is me and now. I ought to help uphold the standard of your company as I know and seen good reliable staff. Fortunately, much greater in numbers. So, my wife and I may still send in that complaint letter.

Thanks for reinforcing my habit of saying…

I really don't know what to say.

Yours sincerely,
The Crazy Daddy