Saturday, 29 June 2013

She just loves cooking!

Pizza - First, apply the tomatoes paste.

Pizza - Then, put a layer cheese.

Pizza - See! Is my tress nice?

Bento Set - Roll, not boat but BREAD!

Bento - Ok? Check again....

Bento - Yummy right?  ;P~

Corn Soup - Shhh.... I need to weight the onions.

Corn Soup - I can COOK!

Corn Soup - Right?

Corn Soup - Show you more photos. Say "YES"!

Corn Soup - Why am I shaking?

Corn Soup - Flower for my soup.

Tang Yuan - Shhh, I am busy again!

Tang Yuan - I punch, I punch and ...

Tang Yuan - You become ORANGE! Hee...

Tang Yuan - This is going to be fUn!

Tang Yuan - It IS!!!

Tang Yuan - Nice?

Tang Yuan - I am making it into a ....

Tang Yuan - Coin, see that?

Tang Yuan - Who says I doesn't know how to cook?

Tang Yuan - It looks yummy, right?

Tang Yuan - Mummy, you want the cherry huh?

Tang Yuan - Almost....

Tang Yuan - DONE!!!

She just loves cooking!

No. She is not my dear, sweet wife. She is none other than tz! It makes me wonder if she will grow up as a Chef or Hawker. Anyway, we told her she needs her basic academic foundation before she can read cooking recipe, plan her marketing strategies and interact with her customers, BEFORE she can cook and sell her cooking.

Twisting logic? A bit la, but we just wanted her to have a strong foundation and more options in future. You know? Hee...

We have the worst haze ever at PSI of 401 in Singapore for more than last week. As a reference, above 200 is unhealthy and above 300 is dangerous even for a physically fit person. Anyway, we are still blessed compared to PSI at 700 in Muar, Malaysia. yt, tz and I were like hiding from war in our house without air-conditioning and all windows and door closed. We even have to survive on sandwiches for 3 days when PSI keeps moving up and down from 250 to 401.

Poor thing hor.

When Mother Nature helps Singapore with the winds blowing away the haze, when the PSI is below 100, guess what we did? We "cheong" (rush) to the nearest shopping centre to have our respite under the comfort of cool temperature and have our first proper meal.

It's equally lucky for us that the shopping centre was having an event, allowing children to experience simply cooking. We registered tz and it's the first time we see smile on her little face since our hiding in our little house.

She wrote the following while we were waiting for her next cooking class:

I love mum, I love dad!
I love my family!
I love them soooooooooooooo much,
that every day I hug them!